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Extend Microsoft 365 Audit Log Retention Limits

Extending Your Audit Log Retention Limits in Microsoft 365

We're excited to address a common challenge faced by organizations using Microsoft 365 E3 licenses: the extention of the retention of Microsofts audit log history beyond the default of 180 days. We understand the critical importance of maintaining comprehensive audit logs for compliance with regulatory standards and cybersecurity best practices. That's why we're thrilled to introduce a solution that empowers organizations like yours to preserve audit log history for as long as needed, even with predominantly Microsoft 365 E3 licenses.

The Problem with Microsoft's Current Audit Log Retention Limits

By default, Microsoft 365 E3 licenses offer a mere 180 days of audit log retention, posing significant challenges for organizations striving to meet compliance requirements and mitigate cybersecurity threats. With valuable audit data at risk of being lost forever after this period, organizations face potential compliance issues, increased cybersecurity risks, and loss of historical legal chain of custody.

Extend Microsoft 365 Audit Log Retention Limits with Audit Vault for M365

Introducing Audit Vault for M365—a powerful solution designed to address the limitations of default audit log retention in Microsoft 365. Audit Vault for M365 seamlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 environment, allowing you to extend audit log retention beyond the 180-day limit without the need for costly additional licenses.

Likewise, if you are using Microsoft 365 E5 licenses, Audit Vault for M365 will automatically extend your retention beyond the 1-year limit without the need for purchasing Microsoft 10-year audit log retention licenses – saving you money!

Benefits of Audit Vault for M365:

  1. Compliance Assurance:
    Ensure compliance with unlimited M365 audit log retention, safeguarding your organization from fines and penalties. For example, GxP regulations require organizations to maintain comprehensive records of activities related to product development, manufacturing, testing, and distribution for a long period of time. Sometimes longer than 10 years.
  2. Peace of Mind:
    Generate compliance certificates to prove your defensible audit history, protecting your organization's reputation and integrity.
  3. Cost Savings:
    Save money on Microsoft licensing costs by eliminating the need for additional licenses to achieve extended audit log retention.
  4. Easy Implementation:
    Set up Audit Vault for M365 in minutes with our quick start service, ensuring a hassle-free integration with your existing Microsoft 365 environment.
  5. Enhanced Security:
    Leverage powerful reports, advanced searching, and threat intelligence on your M365 audit logs to detect and mitigate security risks effectively.

With Audit Vault for M365, organizations can embrace a culture of compliance, reduce risk, and protect their bottom line. By extending audit log retention beyond the default limitations of Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 licenses, you can preserve valuable audit data for as long as needed, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and bolstering cybersecurity efforts.

Ready to take the next step towards preserving your audit log history with confidence? Sign up for a free trial of Audit Vault for M365 today and experience the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive audit log retention.

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