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SharePoint Audit Reports

Gain Access to SharePoint Audit Reports with Audit Vault for M365

Accessing SharePoint Audit Reports is made easy with Audit Vault for M365. With this tool, you can view a variety of reports detailing your Audit History in SharePoint Online. These reports let you save your findings to a file for simple viewing and analysis. Here are some things you can do with SharePoint Audit Reports from Audit Vault:

  • Keep track of what users are doing in SharePoint.
  • Spot any unusual activity that might be suspicious.
  • Make sure your actions comply with industry and regulatory rules.
  • Generate reports on administrative actions throughout SharePoint.

The SharePoint Audit Reports from Audit Vault allows you to track and record the actions done in SharePoint. This means Audit Vault will keep a record of who does what in SharePoint. So, if you need to know who edited a document or deleted a file, you can check the SharePoint Audit History. It's like a digital paper trail that helps keep things organized and accountable.

Long-term Retention of your SharePoint Audit logs

While Microsoft does retain your audit history in SharePoint, it's only for up to one year, and that's if you have an E5 license. In contrast, Audit Vault offers your organization long-term retention of your SharePoint Audit logs. This allows you to report and track the audit history for the entire lifespan of your documents in SharePoint Online.

Extend SharePoint Audit Reports For the Lifetime Of Your Files

Microsoft will only keep your Audit Log History for up to 1 year. Learn how to extend the length of time your Microsoft Audit Logs are kept while saving money on your Microsoft licensing costs.

With Audit Vault for M365 you can report on your SharePoint Audit logs for as long as you need.

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SharePoint Audit Reports Video

Watch our YouTube video on how you can generate comprehensive audit reports from SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Audit Reports

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Audit Reports Directly From SharePoint Online

Access a report containing the complete audit history of an item directly from SharePoint Online.

With the Audit History for SharePoint menu item add on, you can use a SharePoint command bar button or menu item to generate a report containing all the audit logs for that SharePoint item.

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SharePoint Audit Reports Included With Audit Vault for M365

Report on your SharePoint audit logs for improved on-going forensics or regulatory compliance. You can access various SharePoint Audit Reports within Audit Vault, including:

SharePoint Audit Activity Reports:

  • Get Audit History by Item
  • SharePoint File Activity (Last 30 days)
  • SharePoint File Activity (Last 3 months)
  • SharePoint File Activity by Site Collection (Last 30 days)
  • SharePoint File Activity by Site Collection (Last 3 months)
  • SharePoint Page Views (Last 30 days)
  • SharePoint Page Views (Last 3 months)
  • SharePoint Page Views by User (Last 30 days)
  • SharePoint Page Views by User (Last 3 months)
  • All Activity by Site Collection, Location or File

SharePoint Audit User Reports:

  • All Activity by User
  • Documents and Folders Created by User
  • Documents and Folders Edited by User
  • Documents and Folders Deleted by User
  • Documents Viewed by User
  • All Activity by IP Address

SharePoint Malicious Activity Audit Reports:

  • Identify Bulk SharePoint File Downloads
  • Identify Bulk SharePoint File Accesses
  • Identify Bulk SharePoint File or Folder Deletions
  • Identify Bulk SharePoint Permissions Updates (AddToGroup)

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