SharePoint Audit History

View Your Organization's SharePoint Audit History directly in SharePoint Online.

A powerful solution to retain and view your organization's SharePoint Audit History directly in SharePoint Online for as long as you require.

SharePoint Audit History
SharePoint Audit History

View the audit history of your documents directly from SharePoint Online.

Effortlessly Access Your SharePoint Audit History within SharePoint Online

Introducing the Audit Vault for M365 - Audit History for SharePoint app, an optional free addition to your SharePoint tenant. By incorporating this app, you gain access to a convenient "Audit history" menu option and command bar button directly within your SharePoint interface. Upon activation, this menu seamlessly opens the Audit Vault for M365 "View SharePoint Item's Audit History" Report, presenting the all the SharePoint Audit History logs for the selected SharePoint Item.

Simply integrate the "Audit History for SharePoint" app into your SharePoint Online tenant to effortlessly review the audit history associated with documents, folders, and lists. Just select your desired item within SharePoint, click on the "Audit history" menu, and instantly access a detailed listing of all Microsoft 365 audit logs associated to that item via Audit Vault for M365.

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Did you Know

In SharePoint Online there is no easy way for a Site Collection Administrator, Power User, or Regular User to directly view the audit logs of a document, folder or list item. Audit logs must be requested from a Security / Audit level user who runs a report through Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal. There are no end-user friendly ways to access audit information.

Intelligently Access Your SharePoint Audit History

Access the Audit Log History of documents directly from SharePoint Online. By activating the Audit History for SharePoint menu on your Tenant, you equip your end users, power users, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to:

  • Easily check the audit history of a specific document or folder within SharePoint.
  • Track user activity on individual documents or folders.
  • Identify permission-related issues and unauthorized access in SharePoint Online.
  • Minimize the need to access the Microsoft Purview compliance portal for audit reports.
Learn more about what Audit Log Information is preserved from SharePoint when you subscribe to Audit Vault for M365.

Long-term SharePoint Audit History Retention

Preserve your SharePoint Audit History for as long as you need with Audit Vault for M365.

Audit Vault for M365 is the backbone of the Audit History for SharePoint menu. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 Tenant to provide a fully automatic protected store of all of your organization’s audit records. Our SharePoint Audit Reports and analytics engine provides access to Advanced Searching, and Threat Intelligence on your Microsoft 365 Audit Logs. The Audit History for SharePoint menu displays your Audit Logs directly from SharePoint Online by opening a report from Audit Vault for M365.

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Did you Know

Microsoft 365 keeps your SharePoint audit logs (audit history) for only 180 days for E3 user licenses. For E5 licenses it is 1 year. After those dates your valuable audit data will be gone forever!

Avoid losing your Microsoft 365 SharePoint audit history. Enable a secure Audit Vault for all of your organization’s SharePoint Microsoft 365 audit logs. Preserve and maintain the historical legal chain of custody of your vital documents in SharePoint including your full Microsoft 365 audit history for as long as you require, and regardless of your Microsoft license types helping you save you on your yearly licensing / subscription costs.

Learn More About Enabling SharePoint Audit History in Your Environment

Getting started is easy. All it takes is 5 minutes to sign up. Subscribe to Audit Vault for M365 and start viewing your SharePoint Audit History directly from SharePoint Online today. To learn more about our SharePoint Audit History Solution, fill out the form below and one of our customer care experts will contact you shortly.

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SharePoint Audit History Video

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SharePoint Audit History

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