Audit Vault for M365

Long-term Microsoft 365 Audit Log Retention

A powerful and cost-effective solution to retain and surface your Microsoft 365 audit log records.

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SharePoint GxP Compliance

Achieve SharePoint GxP Compliance in Microsoft 365

  • Leverage a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment aligned with GxP guidelines.
  • Automatically maintain an immutable legal chain of custody for time-stamped audit trails for the lifetime of your vital documents.
  • Minimize validation overhead via a predetermined release schedule.
  • Ensure SharePoint GxP compliance for collaborative content that exists outside of your eTMF or pharmacovigilance systems.

Audit Vault for M365 Drives Excellence With SharePoint GxP Compliance

Empower your organization by extending Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online to achieve a GxP-validated environment, ensuring adherence to 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

We simplify your collaborative use of SharePoint Online for GxP-regulated documents with immutable audit trails proving your data integrity and access controls.

GxP Compliance in SharePoint

  • Long-term Audit Log Preservation:
    Preserve your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint audit logs indefinitely, avoiding the default 180-day or 1-year limitation.
  • Automatic Compliance Certificates:
    Generate Compliance Certificates proving your unaltered SharePoint GxP Compliance with audit history and enhancing organizational transparency.
  • Preserve Comprehensive Legal Chain of Custody:
    Capture and preserve who, what, when, where, and how of your audit logs, ensuring a defensible legal chain of custody.
GxP SharePoint Audit History

SharePoint GxP Compliance

Easy Implementation and Management

  • Effortless Deployment:
    Establish a secure SharePoint GxP Compliant environment effortlessly. Get up and running in just 5 minutes with our no-code solution, making GxP compliance in Microsoft 365 hassle-free and immediate.
  • Unlock Access to SharePoint Audit History:
    View comprehensive audit log history directly from any item in SharePoint Online, ensuring full transparency and achieve GxP compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365:
    Enjoy a fully integrated, turnkey cloud solution with Audit Vault for M365, requiring no additional apps or installations.

Improve Your Controlled Document Management Workflow

  • Prevent non-compliance: Secure collaboration between CROs, customers, and partners.
  • Built-in reporting and insights: Simplify auditing, validation, and reporting processes.
  • Secure Your Historical Data: Instantly pull in all SharePoint GxP Compliant audit history, ensuring no loss of critical compliance data and vital records.
GxP Compliance in SharePoint Reports Dashboard

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